Welcome to the Goo, Episode 49 “Radish”: 2.28.2010

Welcome to the Goo, Episode 49 “Radish”: 2.28.2010
Scott and Adam are joined by MC who educates them on shmup month and continues the Top 5 most difficult games.

Show Notes
0:00:49 – Part 1 – Welcome to the Goo & Introductions, What we’re goo-in.
0:42:47 – Part 2 – Top 5 Hardest Games, over 16 bits, less than current gen
1:27:52 – Part 3 – Feature: Intergalactic Shmuppreciation Month (http://shmupmonth.com)

In two weeks…
Dan Loosen come on to help us get ready for MGC.

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The author Scott, spends too much time talking about games, and not enough time playing them.


  1. SilentHitoshura says:

    Great show guys, loved it!

    I am so into Shmupmonth! That stick sounds incredible, I want it!

  2. dantad says:

    Great show guys! I am going to have to go hunting on Ebay for the Gradius collection and Salamander portable for my PSP 😀

    P.S. love the new site =)

  3. InfinityDevil says:

    I think the rant on how hard FFXI was was hysterical. The fact that the radish killed you totally, totally had me laughing because I’d forgotten about those fricken things.

    But, you know, they came back in Crisis Core on PSP. When I saw them I gasped, and when they put my guy to sleep and cleaned his clock at the end of a mission I got angry again.

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