WttGoo – Episode 07 – “Strippers”

Welcome to the Goo, Episode 07 “Strippers”: 07.20.2008
Scott and Adam are back to geeking out for another show. They cover what they’re goo-in’, Top 5 Characters from Action/Adventure games, a Star Wars Retrospective, listener e-mail, and much more.

Show Notes
0:00:00 – “Drunk”
0:00:20 – Intro
0:00:57 – Welcome to the Goo & Introductions
0:02:03 – News We Give a Damn About
0:11:36 – What we’re goo-in’
0:34:40 – Top 5 Characters from a Genre of your Choosing
0:51:14 – Congratulations
0:51:46 – Welcome Back
0:51:50 – Star Wars Retrospective
1:25:14 – Rebuttal
1:40:52 – Gettin’ On
1:42:43 – Goodbye

In two weeks…
Top 5 / Feature TBD

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Thanks for listening.

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