WttGoo – Episode 04 – “Distractions”

Welcome to the Goo, Episode 04 “Distractions”: 06.08.2008
Scott and Adam return for Episode 4 with special guest Chris Riccio of Interactive Distractions. They cover what they’re goo-in’, Top 5 Games You Love That Critics Hate, Hardcore vs. Casual, listener e-mail, and much more.

It was a fun new experiment for the guys to deal with 2 local recordings and 1 remote. There are a some echo problems because of the only setup possible, but hopefully it was minimized through the editing process. Enjoy.

Show Notes
0:00:00 – “Headphones”
0:00:44 – Intro
0:01:32 – Welcome to the Goo & Introductions
0:03:40 – News We Give a Damn About
0:06:35 – What we’re goo-in’
0:35:15 – Top 5 Games We Love that Critics Hate
1:10:04 – Congratulations
1:10:37 – Welcome Back
1:12:35 – Feature: Hardcore vs. Casual, Where is the Line Really Drawn?
1:43:35 – Rebuttal
1:57:25 – Next time on… (and Thanks)
2:00:30 – Goodbye

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In two weeks…
Top 5 Fondest Gaming Memories, and a feature to be released in the .5 episode.

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Thanks for listening.

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