Extra Life 2010 — Details

Extra Life 2010Extra Life: DonateExtra Life 2010: Play Games, Heal Kids
October 16th/23rd, 2010

If you haven’t seen our antics in our key special episodes of ExtraLife08 and ExtraLife09, you may have missed out on a really exceptional opportunity to affect change in the world.  Extra Life, now in it’s third year of existence, originally formed with a partnership between Sarcastic Gamer and the Texas Children’s Hospital, is a fund raiser meant to help kids overcome illness.  Now, the partnership has been extended to include the Children’s Miracle Network, which is going to allow us to help out our local Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  Since the VGEvo Podcast Network has a couple podcasts in the area, we here at Gamers Only Older have teamed up with PSNation to bring you the combined effort of VGEvo North.

The Extra Life event spans 24 hours of marathon gaming.  Like other marathon-like fund raisers, you have the opportunity to give to this great organization by donating a per-hour amount or a flat fee.  If the desire to help raise money for a worthwhile organization wasn’t enough, we’re also going to be bringing you a fantastic opportunity in the way of a raffle for games and swag.  We will accept donations up through the 16th, the date of the actual event, but we here at Gamers Only Older will be making up our 24 hour marathon on the following weekend due to scheduling conflicts.  Help us in trying to help the kids, and look forward to our subsequent special episode.

Winner will be determined by the highest total money donated for a single person by the end of the day Sunday, Oct. 17th. If there is a tie, the names will be assigend random numbers, and the winning number will be chosen by Random.org
A dream package of a

  • one-of-a-kind customized PS3 MadCatz Tournament Edition Fight Stick marking the junction of VGEvo North and the Extra Life 2010 event.  Customizations Include:
    • Highest Quality Replacement Sanwa Parts
    • Lazer Etched Plexi
    • One of a Kind Commemorative Artwork
  • SF:20 Art of Street Fighter artbook, boasting over 300 pages of original concept art for the entire series of Street Fighter.


How many tickets will you get?
$10- 1 ticket
$1/hr $24- 4 tickets
$2/hr $48- 10 tickets
$3/hr $72- 18 tickets
$4/hr $96- 30 tickets
$100- 32 tickets
$5/hr $120- 45 tickets
$6/hr $144- 65 tickets
$200 or more- 100 tickets

Raffle Prize List:
(as of 10/14)

  • Numerous PC Games
  • 2 cinema-sized Torchlight posters signed by Max, Erich, Travis and Peter of Runic Games
  • DLC Vouchers for the Air Raid items for ModNation Racers (PS3) (Get one with every donation) [Joystiq]
  • PlayStation Move pack w/Sports Champions [SCEA San Diego]
  • 2- God of War III Strategy Guides from BradyGames [Joystiq]
  • EA “Ultimate PS3 Sports Pack” includes: [EA Sports]
    • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
    • NCAA Football 11
    • Madden NFL 11
    • NHL 11
    • NBA Elite 11
    • EA Sports MMA
  • 1 set of the Wireless SingStar microphones [Anonymous]
  • 5- Naughty Bear for PS3 [505 Games]
  • PlayStation Home T-Shirts [SCEA PS Home Community Team]
  • Vouchers for LittleBigPlanet Marvel Costume Pack [SCEA]
  • Vouchers for LittleBigPlanet Marvel Levels Kit [SCEA]
  • Vouchers for MLB 10 The Show (PSP) [SCEA]
  • 7- Dead Nation T-Shirts (SCEE)
  • 3- Killzone 2 shirts (2 from Pete Woodward – RPT)
  • Borderlands T-Shirt (courtesy of RPT)
  • 5- Medal of Honor (EA)
  • TMNT Turtles Smash-Up (PS2) [Ubisoft]
  • ModNation Racers Hat and Figure [SCEA San Diego]
  • Sudoku (PSP) [SCEE]
  • Killzone Liberation (PSP) [SCEE]
  • World Rally Championship (PSP) [SCEE]
  • Buzz: Brain of the UK (PSP) [SCEE]
  • Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (PSP) [SCEE]
  • 2- Buzz! Quiz World (PS3) [SCEE] (1 set comes with wireless controllers)
  • 2- Buzz! Hollywood (PS2) [SCEE]
  • 2- Sackboy figurines with carrying sacks [SCEE]
  • 3- Guinness World Records 2010 Gaming Edition [Joystiq]
  • Dragon Ball Raging Blast (PS3) [Joystiq]
  • Random Swag [Joystiq]
  • GTA: Episodes from Liberty City (PS3) [Joystiq]
  • Final Fantasy XIII (Japanese version PS3) [Joystiq]
  • Dirt 2 (PSP) [Joystiq]
  • Sonic Adventures w/Director’s Cut DLC (PSN)
  • Ben 10 Protector of Earth (PSP) [Joystiq]
  • 6- Voucher for the game Flower w/the Full Soundtrack (Courtesy of Craig Liess)
  • 3- inFamous 2 T-Shirts from PAX
  • “Ultimate” Kingdom Hearts package w/all of the Kingdom Hearts games (Courtesy of SigmaOmega)
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP) (Courtesy of Tony Wibowo)
  • $20 PSN Card for North America (Courtesy of Tony Wibowo)
  • Fallout: New Vegas T-Shirt
  • Hunted: Demon’s Forge T-Shirt
  • 6- Valkyria Chronicles 2 Pins
  • Patapon T-Shirt
  • 8- Killzone 3 Swag Packs from PAX 2010
  • 2- Top Gun T-Shirts
  • Bethesda Jogging Jacket
  • 3- Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Posters from NY ComicCon
  • 3- Front Mission Evolved Posters from NY ComicCon
  • 3- NYCC Exclusive Tron Betrayal Posters & Mini Comics: A Sneak Peak at the Upcoming Graphic Novel
  • 3- Mafia II T-Shirts
  • Nvidia “Crank That S#!T Up” T-Shirt
  • Mafia II Poster
  • 3- Zombieland (Blu Ray)