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We’d love to hear from you, and here are plenty of up-to-date ways you can do so:

COMMENTS – Since the launch of the new site, all new posts are now available for comments, all you need to do is be logged in.  If you need one, you can get it FREE here.  If you have more to say then that allows, feel free to…

WRITE FOR US – Scott and Adam are pretty busy people, so we find it difficult to always have as much time to write here as we would like.  If you have a desire in writing for us, whether that be in a one-off or ongoing basis, you can e-mail us at

EMAIL – The easiest and most reliable way to get a hold of us.  We have a couple of email addresses that are used for different purposes:

  • is for website related matters, including bug and issue reporting, website related comments or interest in writing for us.
  • is for our audio podcast, where you can rebut us, contribute to a Top 5 or ask us a question for on-air purposes.  We don’t guarantee reading it on-air, but if it’s appropriate, we will try our best.

SKYPE – If typing isn’t your thing, and you have Skype on your computer or a hand-held device, you can call us for FREE and leave a voice-mail message at gamersonlyolder.

PHONE – If typing isn’t your thing and you don’t have Skype installed, you can call us at (414) 455-5446 to leave us a voice-mail.  Standard long-distance/international rates apply.

FORUMS – Our forums are hosted as part of a fantastic community called VGEvo, alongside many other forums dedicated to all things gaming.  We are also proud members of the VGEvo Podcast Network, a wonderful collection of podcasts that span a broad range of gaming related topics.

TWITTER – Sometimes the easiest way to find out what we’re up to is in 140 character blurbs.  To get information on the website and podcast, follow us @gamersonlyolder.  To get our individual shenanigans, follow us @GooSau,  @adamnorth, or @VassiLC.

STEAM – If you’re a PC gamer and want to get together with us that way, we do have a group open to the public out in the Steam community.  All group members are allowed to start events, so feel free to be as active as you like!

FACEBOOK – If you find yourself in the black hole that is Facebook, we’re over there as well.

GOOGLE+ – The better, more trendy version of Facebook, we’re over there as well.