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Extra Life: Donate

Extra Life 2012: Play Games, Heal Kids
October 27th, 2012

If you haven’t seen our antics in our key special episodes of ExtraLife08ExtraLife09, ExtraLife10, and ExtraLife11 you may have missed out on a really exceptional opportunity to affect change in the world.  Extra Life, now in it’s fifth year of existence, is a fund raiser dedicated to helping kids overcome illness.  With the partnership extended to the Children’s Miracle Network, this allows us to help out our own Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  Since the Retroids Podcast Network has a couple podcasts looking to do the event a week later, we here at Gamers Only Older have teamed up with Interactive Distractions for our first official year together to bring you the combined effort of Retroids Late.

The Extra Life event spans 24 hours of marathon gaming.  Like other marathon-like fund raisers, you have the opportunity to give to this great organization by donating a per-hour amount or a flat fee.  If the desire to help raise money for a worthwhile organization wasn’t enough, we’re also going to be bringing you a fantastic opportunity in the way of a raffle for games and swag.  We will accept donations up through the 27th.  Help us in trying to make a sincere difference in the lives of kids, and look forward to our subsequent special episode.

We’re also looking forward to giving away a copy of the table top co-op tower defense board game Castle Panic, signed by the one and only Wil Weaton!  Stay tuned for details and other potential giveaways!

Check the Live Stream page here

** 10/24 Update **  — Prize List Updated

Planned Stream Events

  • 2nd Annual Midnight Score Chasedetails forthcoming
  • Extra Life XCOM Squad [Played by Scott] — Donate at least $5 to be included in the squad of an Ironman Classic play of the upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  If not reached during the Extra Life event, the remaining play of the game will be seen to it’s conclusion via individual streaming sessions and provided via our Youtube Channel.

Current Prize List

  • Castle Panic, co-op tower defense board game, signed by Wil Weaton [Leo]
  • Steam Download Codes
    • 2 x Sid Meier’s Civilization V [Leo/RPT]
    • 2 x The Ship [RPT]
    • Puzzle Agent [RPT]
    • Nuclear Dawn [RPT]
  • 2 x Little Big Planet Collector’s Editions w/ Sackboy Plushy [Adam]
  • Exclusive to Press Kit Muramasa Poster [InDis]
  • PS3 King of Fighters XII [InDis]
  • 3 x InDisFest 1 T-Shirts [InDis]
  • 3 x InDisFest 2 T-Shirts [InDis]
  • 1 x VGEVO First Print Run T-Shirt [InDis]
  • Driver: San Fransisco Travel Coffee Mug [InDis]
  • 360 Download Codes
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [Leo]
    • Forza Motorsport 4 [Leo]

Raffle Details

For every $5 that comprises your donation, you will receive one entry in a random lottery.  Each prize’s winner will be drawn from said pool, and multiple awards are possible.  Lottery will be conducted in the week following the event, and the winners will be contacted via the email used on the donation page.  Thank you for your participation.