Extra Life 2011 – Details

Extra Life: Donate

Extra Life 2011: Play Games, Heal Kids
October 15th, 2011

If you haven’t seen our antics in our key special episodes of ExtraLife08ExtraLife09, and ExtraLife10 you may have missed out on a really exceptional opportunity to affect change in the world.  Extra Life, now in it’s fourth year of existence, is a fund raiser dedicated to helping kids overcome illness.  With the partnership extended to the Children’s Miracle Network, this allows us to help out our own Marshfield’s Ministry St Joseph’s Children’s Hospital.  Since the Retroids Podcast Network has a couple podcasts in the area, we here at Gamers Only Older have teamed up with PSNation (joined this year by contributor and guest Chris from RPGamer) for our second consecutive year to bring you the combined effort of Retroids North.

The Extra Life event spans 24 hours of marathon gaming.  Like other marathon-like fund raisers, you have the opportunity to give to this great organization by donating a per-hour amount or a flat fee.  If the desire to help raise money for a worthwhile organization wasn’t enough, we’re also going to be bringing you a fantastic opportunity in the way of a raffle for games and swag.  We will accept donations up through the 15th.  Help us in trying to make a sincere difference in the lives of kids, and look forward to our subsequent special episode.

And don’t forget to check out our full 24 hour LIVE stream during the event!

A one-of-a-kind 100% custom TRI-mod arcade stick commemorating Extra Life 2011.


  • The best quality Sanwa JLF joystick and buttons, the Japanese standard for the absolute best in arcade stick parts.  (Comes square gate, but winner can opt for octagon gate if preferred)
  • Akishop PS360 PCB – no home brew mods – comes standard equipped for play on the PS3, 360 and PC natively on one fantastic responsive controller board.
  • Solder-less connections across the board means reliable and hassle free maintenance.
  • USB jack that allows for your own desired length in cord and the cleanest of cord management.
  • Only ONE ever produced.  The ultimate collector’s item to represent the difference that we can make in children’s lives.


How many tickets will you get?
$10- 1 ticket
$1/hr $24- 4 tickets
$2/hr $48- 10 tickets
$3/hr $72- 18 tickets
$4/hr $96- 30 tickets
$100- 32 tickets
$5/hr $120- 45 tickets
$6/hr $144- 65 tickets
$200 or more- 100 tickets

Prize List (So far):

– Sony Wireless Headset (Courtesy of Scott Rohde and Christian Phillips)
– God of War III Collector’s Edition (Courtesy of Scott Rohde and Christian Phillips)
– Official “Sweet Tooth” Action Figure (Courtesy of Scott Rohde and Christian Phillips)
– Official “Nariko” Action Figure (Courtesy of Scott Rohde and Christian Phillips)
– Official “Hold-Armor Ratchet w/ Clank Figure (Courtesy of Scott Rohde and Christian Phillips)
– Official Azimuth with Orvus Action Figure (Courtesy of Scott Rohde and Christian Phillips)
– Official “Captain Qwark w/ Scrunch” Action Figure (Courtesy of Scott Rohde and Christian Phillips)
– 12x Killzone 3 Limited Edition (Eyes light up) (Courtesy of SCEA)

– Complete Astrogaming A40 Wireless Headphones set! (Courtesy of Astrogaming)
– 10x Starhawk promotional t-shirts from PAX 2011 (Courtesy of SCEA)
– SIGNED Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition (Available to us on 11/1/11) (Courtesy of SCEA)
– x21 PlayStation Home Baseball Caps EACH WITH a mega-voucher that includes over $120 worth of PlayStation Home items! (Courtesy of SCEA)
– 4x EA Sports “Ultimate Pack” w/ Tiger Woods 12, Madden 12, NCAA Football 12, NHL 12, and Fight Night (Courtesy of EA Sports)
*NOTE* 2 Packs are for PS3, and 2 packs are for the 360
– 2x PlayStation Move Sharpshooter (Courtesy of Damon Bullis)
– 1 Voucher for “Smallville” – http://www.margaretweis.com/news/99-smallville-the-rpg (Courtesy of Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.)
– 1 voucher for Leverage http://www.margaretweis.com/component/content/article/41-roknewspager-showcase/97-the-leverage-rpg-con-artists-criminals-crooks (Courtesy of Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.)
– Five vouchers for Dragon Fantasy http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dragon-fantasy/id457690225?mt=8 (iPhone RPG courtesy of Adam Rippon of Muteki Corp.)
– Five Codes for Chantelise http://store.steampowered.com/app/70420/ (on Steam courtesy of Carpe Fulgar)
– Five vouchers for Bastion for PC off of Steam, w/voucher for the Bastion Soundtrack (Courtesy of Super Giant Games)
– Five vouchers for the Bastion Soundtrack
– Rage promotional t-shirts (Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks)
– Prey 2 promotional t-shirts (Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks)
– 5x $20 PSN Cards (US) (donated by Craig Liess)

-XSeed Section (Yeah, that much stuff, thanks XSeed and RPGamer!)

– Ys Dogi Shirt (XL)
– Ys 7 Shirt (XL)
– Ys 1&2 Soundtrack
– Ys The Oath in Felghana Soundtrack
– Ys 7 Soundtrack
– Ys The Oath in Felghana Calendar and an Ys 7 Art Book
– Ys 1&2, Ys The Oath in Felghana, and Ys 7 for PSP (Full 3-game pack)
– Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky for PSP
– Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for PSP
– Flower, Sun, and Rain for DS

NIS America
1 x Prinny plushy
1 x Disgaea 4 Figure Box (including 9 figurines)
1 x Prinny T-shirt (Japanese Medium size).

Zeboyd Games
2x Steam codes for Cthulhu/Breath of Death VII

1 x Arche action figure (http://www.rpgamer.com/games/tales/top/propaganda/top3.jpg) from Tales of Phantasia

Zen Studios
– Voucher for a Marvel Pinball 4 pack
– Voucher for the Fantastic Four DLC
– Voucher for the Captain America DLC
– Voucher for a Zen Pinball 4 pack

…last but not least:
– Tony Hawk: Shred Bundle (PS3) (Courtesy(?) of Damon Bullis)