GamersOnlyOlder is Now Mobile Friendly and Accepting Comments!

I’ve recently installed a new plug-in that makes the website more friendly to mobile web browsers.  If you’re anything like me, you hit a lot of gaming sites while you’re on the move, and this is targeted to help you.  You don’t need to know any special address or anything, the plug-in will auto detect your device.  The aesthetics of the mobile version will be changing, but we didn’t want to hesitate on bringing you the functionality right away.  I’d love to hear feedback on this, so feel free to use our brand new comment system, by creating an account, logging in, and letting us know what you think!

The author Scott, spends too much time talking about games, and not enough time playing them.


  1. MrsSau says:

    Mobile site looks great Scott! Nice job!

  2. Nermassa says:

    Great job!

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