The Goo, s176 “Yay”: 3.22.2015

The Goo, s176 “Yay”: 3.22.2015

Show Notes
0:00:48 – Intro
0:06:00 – News That We Give a Damn About
0:10:37 – Leos Gooing (Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, Netrunner, Adventure Bar Story)
0:20:04 – Adams Gooing (Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Bravely Default)
0:31:27 – Scotts Gooing  (Hearthstone, Netrunner, Apotheon, Helldivers, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask HD, Cities: Skylines)
0:51:16 – Hit It and Quit It

Thanks for listening.

The author Scott, spends too much time talking about games, and not enough time playing them.


  1. CindyTheCat says:

    Hey Adam, if you want another friend for Bravely Default, I’m still currently playing through it, think you are ahead of me, but anyways…
    My Nintendo handle is CindyTheCat

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