MGC 2014 Electro House Video Game Mix

Here’s the other set I performed at the Midwest Gaming Classic, video game focused and driven by an electro house vibe.  Let me know if you want to hear more electronic stuff, and we’ll see if we can turn this into a more common thing.

Track List:
00:00    Corridors of Time (Doni’s Electro Remix) [Chrono Trigger]
05:26    Golbez n’ Goblins OC ReMix [Final Fantasy IV]
09:59    Bloody Tears (Doni’s Electro Remix) [Castlevania 2]
15:41    Femme Fatales OC ReMix [Street Fighter II]
19:59    The Legend of Zelda (Zedd Original Mix)
25:05    Let It Go (R. Tee Remix) [Frozen]
28:48    Emerald Hill (Dance Remix) [Sonic]
32:07    Vampire Killer (Doni’s Electro Remix) [Castlevania]
35:34    Mt Gagazet Theme (Doni’s Electro Remix) [Final Fantasy X]
41:06    Final Zone (Trance Remix) [Sonic]
46:43    Metalman Theme (Doni’s Electro Remix) [Megaman 2]
51:45    Flying Battery Zone (Mr. Megabyte Remix) [Sonic & Knuckles]

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