MGC 2014 Retroids After Party Mix

I had the opportunity to bust out the DJ’ing equipment at the MGC 2014 Retroids After Party to spin some Trance and Progressive House tracks.  Hope you enjoy.

Track List:
0:00:00    Cloud 9 (Original Mix) Paul Keeley
0:07:37    The Miracle (Kago Pengchi Remix) Azotti
0:13:16    Fragments (Original Mix) Suspect 44
0:18:40    Vervoeren (Original Mix) BT
0:23:57    Open Your Eyes (Dub Mix) Molly Bancroft & Mark Nails
0:29:21    Dreaming (Libra Mix) BT & Kirsty Hawkshaw
0:37:42    Glitterball (Original Mix) FC Kahuna
0:42:00    Techincolour (Original Club Mix) Andre Sobota
0:46:26    Days (Original Mix) Shingo Nakamura
0:52:19    Wake Me Up (Original Extended Mix) Avicii
0:56:45    Never Too Late (Sergey Shemet Remix) Dunkan
1:03:08    Spheres (Original Mix) Ilan Bluestone
1:08:17    You Are Sleeping (Original Mix) PQM
1:11:22    Suzu (Original Mix) Tritonal & Sibicky
1:16:53    New Vibe (Original Mix) Jaytech
1:21:33    Tomahawk (Original Mix) BT & Adam K
1:28:48    Andromeda (Original Mix) Denis Mash

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