The Goo, e137 “Morally”: 08.18.2013

The Goo, e137 “Morally”: 08.18.2013
Something happens.

Show Notes
0:00:48 – Intro
0:12:37 – News That We Give a Damn About
0:30:33 – Leos Gooing (Persona 4 Golden, Guild Wars 2, Shadowrun Returns, Ni No Kuni, FIFA 13)
0:49:46 – Adams Gooing (MLB The Show Homerun Derby, Knights in the Nightmare, The Last of Us, FFIV Complete, FFVI)
1:00:32 – Scotts Gooing (Persona 4 Golden, Dragon’s Crown, DuckTales ReMastered)
1:23:59 – Dragonflight

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The author Scott, spends too much time talking about games, and not enough time playing them.

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