The author Aggro Sky, was born in sunny South Florida and raised mainly on organic fruits and vegetables, Zack (as he is called in the non-digital world) was nearly born into gaming. Receiving an Atari 2600 from his uncle when he was a mere 3 years old he progressed on to pretty much every major gaming system since including more PC's than he can remember. His favorite system of all time would have to be the Sega Genesis or Sega "Mega Drive" for you Europeans. Zack also practices (and a big emphasis on the word "practice") the art of Bonsai and owns his own Aquarium Service business. He resides in Jensen Beach, Florida with his wife and two cats. And has no plans for procreation.


  1. artlover2449 says:

    Good to see nostalgia among this generation. I am 65 years old and the thrill of my generation was playing pinball machines in the 50’s-60’s-70’s. Since these machines were electro mechanical, had to be physically manufactured and hence were made in limited quantities(2000 or less). As time went on and solid state took hold, the old, electro mechanical machines were trashed and thrown away. But this didn’t erase the memories my generation had with these dinosauers. Eventually, we, the baby boomers wanted to relive our fantasies. The problem was that millions of other people of that era wanted to live this experience too. This created a situation of supply and demand: people wanted these machines desperately. None could be reproduced ever again and few remained(especially the 50’s machines). A capitalistic nightmare!!!!!!! Prices skyrocketed to $1,000’s of dollars for machines. Some as high as $10,000 each(I have one). Most of the ones left are in Yuppie/Celebrity/Millionaire collections never to be sold or even seen again for that matter. But it is still good to see that in this particular situation, this generation is not saddled with that problem and you can still revel in your memories with ease!!!!

  2. davemb98 says:

    It was a blast when we played this together at your parents’ house surrounded by incredible fish tanks, your dog, Cairo, Mike Leth, and Dana.

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