The Goo, Episode 97 “Posterity”: 01.22.2012

The Goo, Episode 97 “Posterity”: 01.22.2012
For the good of all.

Show Notes
0:00:48 – Intro
0:06:46 – News That We Give a Damn About
0:19:38 – Leo’s Gooing
0:47:11 – Adam’s Gooing
1:04:31 – Scott’s Gooing
1:12:32 – Feature: What we’re looking forward to in 2012

Thanks for listening.

The author Scott, spends too much time talking about games, and not enough time playing them.


  1. smthng says:

    Haven’t listened yet, just leaving a friendly reminder…

    EPISODE 93!!! Some of us really like Skyrim. :P

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