The Goo, Episode 84 “Challengingness”: 07.17.2011

The Goo, Episode 84 “Challengingness”: 07.17.2011
The ist-ist cast evar.

Show Notes
0:00:00 – Wait
0:01:07 – Intro
0:04:07 – News That We Give a Damn About
0:10:03 – Adam’s Gooing
0:22:29 – Scott’s Gooing
0:40:56 – Top 5 Stomach Churningest, Brains Explodingest, Gut Wrenchingest, Mostest Grossest Moments in Video Games
1:10:52 – Rebuttal, Next Time & Outro

Thanks for listening.

The author Scott, spends too much time talking about games, and not enough time playing them.


  1. Fivespot says:

    With all the Dead Space 2 love in the top 5 segment this week I need to really start playing that, but just like Scott it would probably take me too long.

    Great show as always gents even though I missed Leo. Nice that he contributed with a call in however.

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