The Goo is on Twitter!

Took the plunge, and we’re now on Twitter.  Check it out here

Team Goo & Extra Life

Our network is participating in a fund raising event entitled Extra Life.  Sarcastic Gamer (a different non-VGEvo gaming podcast) teamed up with Texas Children’s Hospital to raise money to help kids with cancer.  Much like a walk-a-thon or a marathon, Extra Life is a 24 hour video game-a-thon.  Both Adam and I are participating for the event, side by side in my basement.  The event starts at 9AM on Saturday the 18th of October.

It’s really for a good cause, and we get to have some fun in the process.  If you’re interested in sponsoring either of us, it can be done via Credit Card or PayPal, and either based on an hourly rate (say 1$/hr for 24 hrs = 24$) or a generic lump sum.  100% of the money donated goes to the cause.  It would mean a lot to both us and the kids if you could find a way to give even a little bit of money, as every dollar raised can help make a difference.  You can find our page and a link to donate at the following address:

New Skin!

So we put up a new skin today, and we’ll be making modifications to it for probably quite a while. If you want to leave feedback on it, check out our forums at

Set up!

So we’re finally setup and running here at Gamers Only Older. Right now the website is just designed to be a house for the podcast and rss feed, but there are plans out there to improve the look of the site as well as add content as time permits. Some noticable changes since the site first went live are the new links to the feeds available in the menu, as well as the addition of iTunes to the list of locations to subscribe. We’re also working on the Zune Marketplace, so hopefully that will be up soon as well.