Review: 4 Elements HD

Match three puzzle games are generally a-dime-a-dozen these days. Their premises are simplistic and similar to one another: connect three or more of the same colored dots to make them vanish, at which point more dots fall from above to replenish those that you just made disappear. 4 Elements HD from Boolat Games, however, takes this simple task and adds a fresh take on that generic formula.
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Fallout New Vegas DLC coming to all systems

Fallout fans who own New Vegas on the PS3 or PC had to be disappointed when the first piece of DLC, Dead Money, was released only on the 360 with an unconfirmed exclusivity timeframe. [Read more…]

Gamers Only Older Store Launches!

That’s right, you heard it – we’re selling clothing apparel now too.  Represent the Goo in style!  Check out the store via the header link or by clicking here.

GamersOnlyOlder is Now Mobile Friendly and Accepting Comments!

I’ve recently installed a new plug-in that makes the website more friendly to mobile web browsers.  If you’re anything like me, you hit a lot of gaming sites while you’re on the move, and this is targeted to help you.  You don’t need to know any special address or anything, the plug-in will auto detect your device.  The aesthetics of the mobile version will be changing, but we didn’t want to hesitate on bringing you the functionality right away.  I’d love to hear feedback on this, so feel free to use our brand new comment system, by creating an account, logging in, and letting us know what you think!

Scrub Sport Re-Launches!

Your favorite scrubby fighting game community is back, and stronger than ever.  Running new setups for leagues on both the 360 & PS3, we’re now catering to the casual as well as hardcore SF4 fans.  Don’t hesitate to get out there and sign up for our own brand of warm up to Super, while enjoying the greatly revamped site.  Check it out,

Amazon Gold Box Deals

So hopefully you’ve been checking our site more, and here’s a little gem for you that have that will hopefully help mitigate some of those holiday game purchases.  Running the entirety of today, Amazon will have PS3 centric Gold Box Deals.  Right now, and through 9AM PST, they’re kicking it off with GTAIV for a cool $19.78.  Keep your eyes peeled here over the course of the day and save some of those hard earned dollars.

12 Hours to Get Your GotY’s in!

We’re 12 hours from recording our GotY episode.  If you want to contribute, you’re running out of time!  Like last year, we’re breaking down the top 5’s by console manufacturer’s again, so feel free to contribute.  we don’t care if you have a full top 5 or if they’re in order, we just want to hear your thoughts on 2009!

Email us at or leave us a voice mail at 414.455.5446 (or gamersonlyolder on Skype).

The Goo gets recognized by Game On!

We were recognized by Game On!, a website devoted to gaming.  In addition to Drunken Gamers Radio and 360Nation, we were saluted as part of their new segment on podcasts to keep an eye on.  Scott also had the opportunity to answer some questions they had for us.  Check out the interview and Salutation:

Street Fighter IV League Launched!

We’ve launched our Street Fighter 4 League, and have already had some sign-ups.  Want to get in on the action?  Register at

We’re LIVE tonight.

As part of a test for our 1 year live celebration for episode 26, we’re running a test on Ustream tonight for episode 23.  We’ll be taking calls so definitely join us.

WHEN: Friday February 27th @ 8 PM Central Standard Time
SKYPE: gamersonlyolder
BY PHONE: (414) 455-5446 (standard long distance rates apply)

And topics for the show:

What We’re Goo’in
Top 3 (shorter to allow for call-ins) Disappointments From This Console Generation
Feature: Street Fighter IV Impressions (also allowing for call-ins)

So please, join us for our first test with Ustream. Let’s all pray that it works.