TE Mod Series – From Rags to Bitchings

The process of modding my TE stick has become a fairly frustrating one.  When detailing the parts in my previous post, I spoke of how my ordered assembled chimp arrived at my house as a non-assembled mess.  I should have known right then and there that it was only the start of my problems.  I intentionally waited on throwing this rant up here, because I wanted to see what sort of customer service I was going to experience first.  Everyone’s human, and everyone makes mistakes.  I wanted to see how these places were going to handle it. [Read more…]

TE Mod Series – Parts, Parts and More Parts

So today marked the first batch of parts that have arrived.  Obviously, I’ll take more pictures as these items get intimately introduced to my TE Stick, but I wanted to show you what all is going to eventually make it into the stick before I start work. [Read more…]

TE Mod Series – The Unboxing

Anyone following me on twitter (now “@GooSau” for my personal tweets) knows that I’ve been extremely excited about what came to my doorstep via UPS last night.  With Christmas gift cards reducing the cost to a mere $2.56 shipped, I was able to pick up my newest gaming project.  This post is the first in a series [Read more…]