REVIEW: Torchlight


I’ve played over 40 hours of Torchlight, split between three different characters. I have a character with each of the game’s classes, but I have definitely devoted the most time to my Alchemist. He is in the 32nd floor of the dungeon at the time of this writing, while the other two characters (Destroyer and Vanquisher) are hovering around the 10th floor. If you’ve been keeping up to date with the GOO podcast, you probably already know just how much of a fan of Torchlight I am (and how addicted, as well). And really, it isn’t that hard to become hooked on a game as good as this one is for its genre.


(Pretext: Each of the character classes has a slight variation in the story at the onset of the game, but your choice does not affect the plot thereafter; each class has to fight the same baddies and bosses along the way.) [Read more…]

REVIEW: MW2 Single Player

by: Scott

It’s probably known by now that I don’t automatically flock towards First Person Shooters, but I tend to dabble in them on occasion.  In this case, I was able to play through the entire single player campaign of Modern Warfare 2 on the Regular difficulty (PS3 version), and it ended up being about a 7 hour endeavor.  Don’t confuse that time though, because being the completionist that I am, I went after every piece of Intel and ended up with 43 of the 45 said treasures.  Since then, I have also spent some time in the Spec Ops, running a small handful of the missions solo.

Some games, such as the recent Borderlands, attempt to thinly add story where the enjoyment is primarily found from the gameplay experience.  Modern Warfare 2 however, takes the storytelling to the complete opposite extreme.  [Read more…]