SFxT TGS Info: New Mechanic, New Features, New Characters!

Well there’s new information coming out through TGS 2011 regarding one of the highest anticipated games I’ve had in a long time: Street Fighter X Tekken.  It’s coming in to the tune of a new mechanic (Pandora Mode), new features (4 player tag team matches and free-for-all, including online), and 4 new announced characters (Lili, Heihachi, Rolento and Zangief).  Over the past two days, I’ve been doing as much as I can to consume all of this information, so I’ve consolidated a lot of videos here for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy. [Read more…]

Street Fighter X Tekken at Gamescom 2011

It should be no surprise that I’m excited as hell for Street Fighter X Tekken.  I don’t have any attachment to the Tekken franchise whatsoever, and my foray into fighting games is relatively new, but this trailer from Gamescom 2011 that includes basic elements of the fighting system has me so hyped:

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Borderlands 2 [Actually] Confirmed [No, Really]

Yes, as of today, Borderlands 2 has actually been confirmed.  Now when I say “confirmed” – I don’t mean “leaked,” “rumored,” or “bullshit.”  I actually mean “confirmed,” and you know it’s confirmed, because I’m citing the official website as a source right here.  Now that I’ve gotten my distaste for the internet at large out of my system for the next 5 minutes, let me just say: Can I have this, like, nao, please?!?  Details: [Read more…]

Preview: Radiant Historia

“If Time is really only a fourth dimension of Space, why is it, and why has it always been, regarded as something different? And why cannot we move in Time as we move about in the other dimensions of Space?”

-H.G. Wells, “The Time Machine”

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Dragon Quest 9 coming to the West

Regular listeners of our podcast should know by now that I am an avid Dragon Quest fanboy, for better and for worse. I’ve played through the greatest entries in the franchise (Dragon Warrior and Dragon Quest VIII) and also suffered through some of the less reputable ones, most notably Dragon Quest: Swords for the Wii (which I maintain to this day is a better game than most people give it credit for.) Having said that, it should come as no surprise that I am rejoicing at the news that Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies is finally making it to West. [Read more…]

Bethesda to Release New Dungeon Crawlies: Co-op Style

Hunted: The Demon's ForgeAs of today, Bethesda has announced it’s involvement in publishing a brand new IP set to hit the XBox 360, PS3 and PC platforms.  Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is slated to be a 2-player co-op dungeon crawler developed by inXile Entertainment. inXile was originally founded by Brian Fargo who was responsible for work on several big name franchises including Baldur’s Gate, Bard’s Tale and Fallout.  I know I’m a sucker for pretty much anything with the dungeon crawlies, and regardless of the fact that I haven’t put enough time into Torchlight or even started Shiren: the Wanderer, I’m still excited to see more on this one.  What about you?

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising Goes Gold

According to a press release February 22nd, THQ announced that fans of the successful RTS Warhammer 40,000 franchise, Dawn of War, won’t have to wait long to see the newest installment.  As a followup to Dawn of War II, Chaos Rising is a brand new Games for Windows Live standalone expansion at a very reasonable cost of $29.99 US.  It boasts a brand new playable race, the Chaos Space Marines, a raised level cap from 20 to 30, a brand new campaign, more multiplayer options, and of course, phat new loots!  If you haven’t tried out the original Dawn of War II, I highly suggest picking up the demo – haters of RTS who are fans of dungeon crawlers may be surprisingly interested in the single player and co-op.

“Chaos Rising is the perfect follow up to Dawn of War II, 2009’s RTS Game of the Year, offering an incredible amount of new content for an amazing value.”
— Travis Plane, Vice President of Global Brand Management, THQ.

Now the real question is with a release date of March 11th, two days after Final Fantasy XIII, will anyone really care?  I loved the first, and I’m hoping I do, but I honestly don’t know the answer to that one.

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New SSF4 Trailer, Including Ibuki, Makoto & Dudley

So here it is, a brand new trailer with the brand new announced characters – you excited?

Props to BluSteele86 for original link.

Darksiders – “Heads Will Roll”

So, I realize that between God of War clones, more of the original killer of gods, and an over-the-top scantily clad woman with guns in her boots that early 2010 is looking to be the season of 3D combat action games. Personally, I have no problem with that, and I seem to be in the minority yet again that it’s Darksiders that is intriguing me the most of said releases. Slated to hit January 5th, this part-action, part-Zelda title looks to be shaping up nicely, check the new “Heads Will Roll” trailer below.