Episode 80 is Live this Saturday!

In case you’ve missed the past couple shows or are running behind, we’re doing something we’ve never done before and recording a normal style show live on Justin.tv.  I’m sure we’ll get some laughs, some audience participation and you’ll get to see behind the curtain of that magical fourth wall we always talk about.  We hope to see you there!

When: Saturday May 21st, 8PM CST

Episode 73 Live on Goo.TV

Live show details:

When: Saturday February 12th, 7:30 pm CST
Where: Goo.TV
Who: The Goo Crew, Glenn Percival and Joel Sherfinski of PSNation, Mark and Jessie Senger, Dane (Krakerjak), Tim (9-Volt)

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The Goo, Extra Life 2010

The Goo, Extra Life 2010
You asked and you shall receive.  This is our third year of Extra Life shenanigans, bringing you our audio blog episode format, 5 minutes for every hour of our 24 hour marathon.  Enjoy.

Extra Life 2010: Play Games, Heal Kids (10/14 UPDATE)

***** 10/14 UPDATE *****
Pictures of the Arcade Stick are live!  Updated Prize List!  Check the details page.


9/27 Update:
Our Extra Life hub got one page larger, with a placeholder for where we’ll be hosting our live blog.  Check it out via the menu above or by clicking here.  We also have an updated prize list on our details page which you can find here.

Our Extra Life page is live with all of the details of how Gamers Only Older is teaming up with PSNation to form VGEvo North in our efforts to give back to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  The official date is October 16th, and we’re kicking our own marathon off on the 23rd.  If you want more information, check our link at the top, or hit it up here.