Goo.TV – 2011 Summer of Arcade Extended Gameplay Footage

Have some interest in checking out a 2011 Summer of Arcade title, but aren’t sure about slapping down your hard earned moneys?  Have no fear, the Goo is here to bring you footage from the ones that we at least give a damn about.  Check back as the Summer of Arcade continues! [Read more…]

Goo.TV – Episode 80 Live

Did you miss the opportunity to catch Episode 80 Live with the video?  We still have it in it’s unedited version, check it out after the jump. [Read more…]

Goo.TV – Take On (ep01) – Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Take On is a show dedicated to looking in depth at a particular video game using our impressions and a base look at the elements and mechanics that go into it. Scott and Leo from the Goo crew are kicking off of our first episode by taking on Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with special guest Mark Senger.
[Read more…]

Goo.TV – Killzone 3 Couch Co-Op

Killzone 3 – Full Version, Couch Co-Op played during the pre-show stream for episode 73.  Check it out, and leave us a comment of what you think! [Read more…]

Goo.TV – Vanquish Stress Test

It’s certainly possible that you’ve missed some of the exciting video possibilities starting to emerge for the Goo, so here’s an opportunity for you to catch up.  We’ve put some effort into making this as professional of a product as our podcast and we’re calling it “Goo.TV”  We have some plans for how we can use it, but here’s the end result stress test of our recent increase in bandwidth, Act 3-4 of Vanquish, played on the 360. Make sure to keep up with our videos on and youtube: [Read more…]