The Last of Us: In 12,000 words or less

“The Last of Us” is a game I never thought I’d play. So what happened exactly? Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was driving through town in my giant, yellow van while listening to The Goo on my stereo. You can literally get seasick in my van because I have a 350 gallon water tank bolted to the frame and the constant sloshing can make you a little green around the gills. Having something to focus on is key in this situation. You see, I own my own business and in my industry you will find yourself driving almost constantly to different appointments all day (I maintain aquariums). All the driving can get monotonous but thankfully, I have The Goo to help keep me sane (and sober) while traversing my 75 mile radius of cleaning up fish poop. [Read more…]

Dungeon Defenders coming to PSN/XBLA/PC October 18th & 19th

A while back on the podcast, I brought up Dungeon Defenders:First Wave for the iPhone. My number one complaint were the common touch screen gamepad controls that plague so many “traditional” games on the mobile platforms. Well, in a couple weeks, my thirst to fight through hoards of enemies in a very unique action RPG/tower defense hybrid game using a traditional controller will finally be quenched. Hit the jump for the official press release and new Combat Phase Dev Diary: [Read more…]

Diablo III Delayed. Shocking I know.

Blizzard notoriously delays their games, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it looks like we are all going to have to wait until “early 2012” for the long awaited staple dungeon crawler.  Hopefully Torchlight 2 will have the chance to fill the gap.  Hit the jump to see the original official blog post from Blizzard: [Read more…]

Billy Joel Comes to Rock Band 3

As an aspiring keyboard player I don’t have anything to add to this press release other than – “it’s about time.”  Hit the jump for full details and track list. [Read more…]

Dead [on Arrival] Nation

Some games become known for their terrible launches. They’re plagued by those critical, and completely missed, first impressions and are doomed to never recover. Those following me via Twitter the evening of the US PSN release of Housemarque’s new twin stick shooter Dead Nation, a spiritual successor of sorts to their previously released and very beloved Super Stardust HD, may be wondering if it’ll have the ability to carry on in my book. Launch day brought a lot more problems than just the intended Zombie infestation. Let’s take a look at it’s two most surprising misses: [Read more…]

XBox Live Gets More (Un)affordable

I probably am at fault for falling into the trap of thinking that paying for online is not that big of a deal.  I’m probably doubly at fault for not thinking that the news of a price hike for XBox LIVE is not that big of a deal either.  Like a good consumer though, I do wish that this price jump would’ve been bundled with some extra content.  It’s a bit unfortunate that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Hit the jump for the full post text from Major Nelson’s blog.
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Final Fantasy XIV Beta Goes Open August 31st

If you’re like me, you were eagerly awaiting your closed beta key for Final Fantasy XIV.  Also, you’re probably still waiting for it.  Well wait no further, starting tomorrow, August 31st, you can be like the rest of us sheep who will wait in queue to get their hands on this brand new Final Fantasy in an online space.  To go along with this announcement, there’s even a new pre-release trailer.  Check out the video and details after the jump.
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Lord of the Rings: Online Goes Free to Play September 10th

The time I spent in Lord of the Rings: Online a couple years ago was definitely a cool experience.  Any fans of WoW will likely feel right at home with the interface, but expect some awesome additions in the realm of story-based content.  I’ve not seen another MMO that provides a central storyline nearly so well, and with the upcoming announcement of it being free to play, you’ve got no reason to download and hop into Middle Earth.  [Read more…]

Front Mission 3 hits PS3/PSP

For those of you looking for a sci-fi take on the standard Strategy RPG, there is no series that matches Front Mission.  This installment in particular is an exceptional game originally for the PS1, and I highly recommend fans of the series to check it out.  [Read more…]