The Goo, e120 “GotY 2012”: 12.23.2012

The Goo, e120 “GotY 2012”: 12.23.2012

Show Notes
0:00:48 – Intro
0:08:13 – Leo’s Gooing
0:33:05 – Adam’s Gooing
0:58:30 – Scott’s Gooing
1:31:43 – GotY 2012

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Extra Life 2011 Details Available!

We’ve got our details page up for Extra Life 2011.  Keep checking back for more information!

Updated 10/11 with more raffle prize information!

Review: Little Big Planet 2

Sackboy our fabric friend, is back in Little Big Planet 2, and he has come back with a bang! The first Little Big Planet was a fantastic example of an innovative game. It offered things that no other game had. It was a creative playground for gamers to build games that they like. However, LBP was not perfect. It had a lacklustre campaign, and, whilst the tools they gave you to build levels were better than most on any console, they didn’t make it easy to make anything other than a platformer. Well, Media Molecule have certainly listened to their fans, for the most part, and have brought us a much improved sequel! [Read more…]