The Last of Us: In 12,000 words or less

“The Last of Us” is a game I never thought I’d play. So what happened exactly? Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was driving through town in my giant, yellow van while listening to The Goo on my stereo. You can literally get seasick in my van because I have a 350 gallon water tank bolted to the frame and the constant sloshing can make you a little green around the gills. Having something to focus on is key in this situation. You see, I own my own business and in my industry you will find yourself driving almost constantly to different appointments all day (I maintain aquariums). All the driving can get monotonous but thankfully, I have The Goo to help keep me sane (and sober) while traversing my 75 mile radius of cleaning up fish poop. [Read more…]

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the Typical JRPG

Oliver: Alright guys here we go, the battle’s about to begin. Let’s fight!

Esther: (flips hair) I don’t feel like fighting Oliver, I’m just going to play may harp.

Oliver: Common Esther! We don’t have time for that! Playing your harp is useless! [Read more…]